Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm "Lost"

Last night was the season premier of "Lost" ..oh yeah! woohoo! that's what I'm talking about!... I will confess to being a fan of "Lost" and of course that made last night pretty blasted awesome. For those of you who are out of the "Lost" loop, last season ended with the island being moved. How do you move an island...oh silly you, you just send someone into the freezing basement to turn the old move wheel! What happens when you move an island? Well, you get people bouncing around in a time/space continuum. If you don't watch the show, right now you're going - "What? That's the reason I don't watch the show!"

Which brings me to my scary conclusions: For years I have repetitively endured my daughters continuous exclamations of "Your weird!" - I have for decades had incredibly weird dreams at night (something that I have passed on to my daughter - take that for calling me weird ) - but even in all of my decades of weirdness, I have never even scratched the surface of the weirdness that is a constant in the show "Lost" - it makes me concerned for the people who actually write the show! - How can a group of like twisted minds find each other and actually make a living and develop a following using their hall of fame level of weirdness? As I was watching the show, my mind kept bouncing back from "this is stinking awesome" to "this is even weirder than I could have ever come up with!" Then it dawned on me that I was only one of about a gazillion (slight exaggeration) people who were watching the show AND loving it! How could this possibly be? We(I) are (am) undoubtedly "Lost"!

How could the weird become so normal? How could such a completely illogical, confusing story line become so popular? How can we wait with the utmost anticipation for months to be caught up in something that makes no sense and is so totally warped?

Maybe the answer is: the same way we get caught up and swept away in this world and tend to ignore, put down, leave behind(or whatever you want to call it) the love that Christ has for us and wants us to share with others.

Now that's weird AND lost!