Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kings (another TV vs life analogy)

Recently a new TV series started called "Kings." It is billed as being loosely based on the story of David. It should have been billed as being "LOOSELY!!!!!!!!" based on the story of David. It does have some interesting concepts as far as modernization of the story. Such as, Goliath is the name of a type of tank, that appears to indestructible, used by the enemy. Of course in the opening episode, David destroys a Goliath tank and instantly gains national recognition as a hero. After that, things really get to be "loose" in the comparison of the stories. At times I am intrigued by the story line. At other times I become incredibly irritated at the twisting and misrepresentation of the story. It is at those times that I find myself assuming a "holier than thou" attitude and condeming the writers for their perversiveness in telling the story. I also catch myself thinking, "What about the viewers who are not familiar with the actual story? Will they think that this is the way the story is in the Bible? Are they being mislead in thoughts about Christ and Christians?" Then it struck me, or maybe I should say God struck me with the realization of the situation. How is that different from the people who watch me? How much have I, do I, misrepresent our Lord. How much perversion do I bring to the story in my life. What about those who are not familiar with the story of Christ and mistakenly look to me to tell that story thru my actions as a professing Christian? Am I a child of the King of kings? Or am I just a court jester?


My Mother's Daughter said...

I've always wondered what a court jester would look like in "Geezer Pants" I now have that mental image stuck and can't get it out:)